To succeed you need an “it factor”

It is a common repeated mantra-“to be successful you need passion and motivation”.This is far from true.I’m here to break it to you that you need more than that.You need an it factor.This it factor however,is not determined by rules or a rule set in stone.The it factor can be anything peculiar to you that helps you achieve success.It can be being strong.It can be being relaxed about the outcome.It can be being charismatic.It can be being by cheerful person.This it factor is something you have to discover for yourself.Self discovery automatically gives you the it factor you need.

The time duration to discover this it factor is different from person to person.Yours may come slower,yours may come faster.Sometimes it’s a journey you have to take.You should enjoy your exploration while you take this journey.It does not pay to be anxious about it,wishing you can speed up the progress.The process must be taken to discover the treasure.The it factor is vital to you because it is for you and only you.Nobody can aid this progress but you.

Passion can only take you so far.You may love doing something but that doesn’t stop the frustration that comes along the way.We hear of tortured artists whose passion became their unmaking.Will power also runs out.A study shows that your will power is limited.Per day you can only pick what you want to use it for before it’s expended.In other words:you can only choose what you wanna give a fuck about per day and stick with it.Giving attention to other unimportant things would make you dry.Motivation is also nothing if you are always out of ideas before you start.

Just like success means different things to different people,the it factor can be anything.

How to get your it factor:

  • Start the path of self discovery
  • Get involved in the process
  • Be a participant in the journey no matter how slow
  • Choose the things that are important to your in life,then care about them more than anything else

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