A ray of pitch black-a goth’s anthemn

Doom and gloom begins to bloom
In the orchard of my heart it sprung forth
Calling waves of passionate despair
As I lay in the wake of undeserved sorrow and shame
For things I do not know of
I call upon a hand to deliver the truth to the dim corners and the late commers
My dreams are a grave and nothing more
but I hope that life springs out again in form of a new born cactus around the edges

A melodramatic love story

Desire and hate fills me

The need to have you wrap me with your arms

But I somewhat hate you

What takes you so long to come?

How long do I endure this?

Have you forsaken me

Leaving me with beasts of varied kind

Why did you make me this way

To give me hope yet take it away

Is this path truely mine

And how long do I have to wait

For that unique bitter sweet pleasure that is to heal me?

Unraveling emotions

I’m stuck

Stuck in this box I used to call home

Lost,in a world I hand crafted

struck by the beauty created in wanton lust

a fantasy greater than any imagination 

The image pasted in my minds eye

The great tidings of the lone wolf

Hot fever in my soul,burning my mistakes into me

Cold flashes wash over me after this

Reminding me that all sins are forgiven

Except mine,for I cannot free myself of that burden

The heavy stone-like thing in my chest

Hard like a rock,the power of a thousand asteroids

The burden I triumphantly placed upon myself

In favour of curious prying eyes,glaring at my fake felicity


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