Revel in the weirdness you possess 

One of the things killing human potential is the need for conformity in the so-called individualistic world of today.The other is the judging of those that do not comform to the norm.People begin to choose the truth of their peers,strangers and the media more than what lies deep in them.Having an opposing view from the norm has a lot of labels that come with it,one of them is “weird”.The question is,why is wierd considered negative?Why is it whatever that does not follow sheeple mentality is seen as bad and to be ridiculed and avoided?Apparently being the party pooper makes you the villain of the story to the cool ones.

This causes those that do not blend in to be ostracized by the “normal”ones,who are very proud of their normalcy.By the way there is no spectrum for what normal means.Names like “socially awkward” ,”shy”,”uncool”,”introvert” are considered to be shaming and an illness to be corrected or looked upon with pity,when in fact it is not.Living in a world where people have to identify with a group in other to feel self worth creates mass-produced individuals with the creativity of a peanut.The creative ones are the wierd ones.And the most creative ones are the weird ones that embrace their weirdness.

Writers,artists and creators are grounded in their weird side.They use this in their creative works.If you have studied great artists and their history,the linking pattern is always wierdness.How can one be sane to produce wonderful work of arts based on a non existent world that can only be grasped by the powerful tools of the creative mind.Most of the successful people that have led the world and are celebrated today are weird individuals that did things normal folks would call crazy or “fools talk”.

It is the people labelled that went on to do amazing things.Those avoided by the “in groups” usually have amazing ideas to share.The ones tagged as unapprochable and strange by the normal ones are usually the most interesting,original,fresh people that are around.The quiet ones contain within themselves loads of self improving secrets,ideas and wisdom that they keep to themselves, only to be shared to the ones who accept their wierdness or to the “normal”ones later when they become successful in any field they choose “out of the blue”.The differences weird people have separates them from the mediocre.Be wierd!

So revel in your weirdness for you are special,no one can be like you and you shouldn’t want to be like anyone else.


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