Two word zodiac stereotype

These are mostly the negative traits of the signs:

AriesAngry,Tactless:At everyone and everything,everytime for apparently no reason.Emotionally unstable and the need to be headstrong to frustrating lengths.Rushes into things like a furious ram and does not care about consequences of the moment until some time later after reaching a point of no return.

TaurusForeveralone (funny),Stubborn:Prefers the company of food and possessions to actual people.Lazily does not like change so prefers to be stuck with old patterns,relationships even when obvious to be doomed.Stubbornly attaches like glue or a leech to any “prey” and does not let go,treating you like an expensive art piece.

GeminiQuestioner,Sly:Wants to know everything that can be possibly known and stores the answer into memory for future conversations,in order to look smart to other people.Two faced and cannot do without betraying both sides of the party but gets away with this by being a witty social insect.

CancerTroller,Emotional:Annoying emotional person who likes feeding off other people’s emotions.Cannot but be a crybaby whether externally or (if they don’t show you the tears) internally.Keeping grudges for silly things and clings on to any form of emotion (good or bad) as a source of strength.

LeoWinner,Superficial:The boss,enjoys the stop light,lives in the spot light;attention seeking and must be the dominant one in any relationship.Dramatic,as if participating in a play as the lead actor of a melodrama.Theatrical emotions and emotional responses to things that are not to be given attention.

VirgoIntolerant,scrutinizing:Critical,anaylitical and organized.A clean piece of human with the efficiency of a programmed robot,who cannot stand those less perfect or more human.Keeps away from the kind of eccentric characters that would ruin their charade.

Librapraiser,Unrealistic:Friendly to irritating extent,social butterfly,nice person syndrome carrier.Will give you a complement everytime they spot you,even when it’s not true.Will befriend you even if they are an axe-murderer about to slash you to death.Likes “balance”but has no idea when the goody-goody crap is too much.Also values peace,justice and fairness to silly proportions.

ScorpioBrave,Selfsabotage:So-called intense,powerful and manipulative qualites of overemphasized and overrated emos.Foolish confidence and assurance over things they can’t comprehend because they are so “deep”,Do things leading them to self destruct due to ridiculous bravado and inability to be logical rather than be hyper emotional.

SagittariusJoker,Inconsiderate:The live of the party,frank,open and jovial.Not afraid to crack a joke or two one the expense of you.Doesn’t really care if your poor little feelings are hurt by the sarcasm,to them you are a weak puss who needs more teasing and should learn to take jokes.Travels here and there and find more stuff to optimistically joke about.

CapricornSerious,Untrusting:poker faced,dead pan and lives only for power,accomplishments,work and exotic dinners.Doesn’t know how to have a sense of humour many times,grave style of dressing and a general forlorn look.That helps to repeal the free spirits and any other types of delinquents who do not understand the great burdens of his world.Can be prone to depression but the good news is after that becomes less grumpy-like.

AquariusEmotionless,Strange:Brilliantly talented eccentric that is not of this world,focused on unravelling all of the mysteries of the unexplained.Though a humanitarian,doesn’t have time to actually have visible human emotions that are relatable.Comes across as cold and bizzare.Can express deep feelings of love with a grunt,smile,smirk,shrug,cough,tap,nod or frown.

PiscesRelaxed,dreamer:Chill,Stuck in a constant state of daydreaming filled with unicorns and fire breathing dragons that resemble enemies and school teachers.Artistic guru with a vibe of crazy.Looks like in need of the next dose of cocaine,meth or both.Enlightinged being that seeks to understand all the “namastes” of the universe.Probably may need medication if the dreaminess becomes a permanent state of mind or if stuck in a constant state of meditative trance.


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