The pain of being an empath

Basically being an empath is great and all until…

I feel every of their emotions

I understand all their pain

I carry their emotional burden while still carrying mine

The world is on my shoulders 24/7 and the weight is tiresome 

But whats worse is that I cant do anything about it

I can’t look away neither can I heal everyone and everything

These are the words that come to my mind everyday. But though I don’t dwell on it doesn’t mean it isn’t a fundamental aspect of my subconscious. This I am sure is what happens to an empath who becomes overloaded with junk emotions. It is draining to be programmed as a matyr like person because of the way you easily sense things. Absorbing all the energy and emotions when you walk into a room can be intensely scary. The bad and sad vibes tend to be more stronger than the good vibes and those are easily picked up.

People don’t make things easier,because when they discover your weak point as an empath, they dump their emotional garbage with you. You read articles on the web and you wish it was possible to jump out the window, fly like a super hero and save the day. Yes it is hard being an empath in this world. An empath knows it is not possible to save the day but that does not make all those intense feelings go away. Those are part and parcel of an empath. The only thing that can be done is learning how to control them. And that is another journey on it’s own…


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