The lover I saw from afar

You are so brilliant,perfect in my eyes

You seemed like a happy baby, unprejudiced and kind

A bacon of hope for a weary me burdened by the world I carry on my shoulders

When tired I would come to you,laying in your imaginary bossom

I would laugh like you, and smile like a child while watching you from afar

You were real but yet so far way

A reality that existed in an unknown space 

You were the me that I thought I could never be

An inspiration I choose to only worship

You brought me peace seeing your smile from faraway 

Your kind words made my cold heart much warmer

And my hot mind much cooler, like being doused In a refreshing stream

When in my depts of dispair, I held on to you,called on you, cried for you

I longed to be held by you

But thought you weren’t there, the thought of you was enough for me take courage from- to carry on

While problems seemed to come on droves, I asked myself what you would do?

Be brave I said, just like my lover from far away

The one who was strong yet weak

The beautiful geek- unblemished by any sin I may possess

I grew my hope in you-

the concept of your power on me was like a tree that never stopped growing 

But we were so similar it seemed strange

I could see my fears in you, the doubts and regrets

And that far away look in your eyes

The one that I sometimes have when lost in my own world

I realize how similar we are, yet so far away

I have to let you go for now

Because my love does not help anymore as I still have battles to face 

I am sure you have too- sames ones like me

I know you will make it anyway, though I’m not so sure about me

Like I once said, you are a better version of me

I hope we truely meet in the future.


5 thoughts on “The lover I saw from afar

  1. inaloveworld says:

    Thank you for your post! I love it!! In my opinion, I would say that nobody is a better version of mine because nobody can be me as I cannot be anyoane else. We are all equally worthy!! Keep writing!


  2. Ajibola Sunday says:

    The se7en words in that picture is gross 😀 It’s a bitter truth though, It takes great courage and optimism to continue staying positively alive with all that are happening in this world, That’s why I do recommend reading fiction books at night for those who has insmonia, as it will takes the reader away form our real world and help the reader sleep quick and well 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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