Optical illusion?My Skin turned green under the bright sun!


Something cool, weird and unexplainable just happened to me. While I was relaxing at home, I casually dressed in a wine coloured blouse. The blouse had some few little holes in it (Yes it happens, i said it). So It started like this, I sat under the light shade of a flower tree while enjoying the cool breeze and lovely rays of the sun. While doing this, I looked down casually and suddenly noticed something very strange.

My skin looked green where the holes in my blouse where! It was so fascinating and unbelievable. I thought my brain was tricking me as I could not believe what I saw. I played around with my blouse (since I was wearing nothing underneath), moving the holes to see other parts of my skin colour-up. Where the holes where, my skin became green! This happened every time! I moved part of the blouse fabric to my arm to perform the same trick and it still looked green. I tried it on even my finger nails, they looked green when I shifted the holes on it, although a lighter shade of green. (This shows that this illusion does not only work on skin).

In conclusion, this was so mind-blowing that I had to write it down. I have no idea if such a phenomenon has occurred before, or if this is a know optical illusion. I tried searching on Google using various key-words ranging from “skin illusion”,”wine/red fabric illusion” “hole illusion” “bright sun illusion”, but what I was looking for did not seem to pop up. I have a theory that the brightness of the sun rays created that illusion because underneath a “cool” sun state the illusion did not appear. Also,I guess the lighter the part of the body in the hole, the lighter the shade of green and the darker the part of body in the hole the darker the green.

Try it and see if it works! I’ll also be happy if someone knows about an illusion like this. If this happens again, I’ll try to take a picture it next time (if the illusion shows on camera) or video. Maybe this illusion just proves that I am an alien (*laughs*). I have no idea if this illusion would work for another colour of fabric/if it will create a different colour entirely.

Example of the blouse’ colour


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