Read, read, read – Advice from this introvert

If you want to be successful at anything-read, so said many wise people. This is one sure way that never failsRead what interests you and what does not interest youthey both play a part in the making of a genius. Not only does reading open your mind to new ideas, it exposes you to situations of the current world. This is why most introverts read when they feel an inability to mingle with the ever talking crowd. They gain both knowledge of socialtal cues, ideas and skill improvement from reading.

Humanity is in books as well. That’s why so much excitement is felt by reading a good novel. Because you are experiencing life as it can possibly be, which is very thrilling and awe-inspiring. You can also understand the psychological aspects on how humans function. This understanding, if you possess it, will help you greatly in life.

As an introvert, reading is my source of escapism too.When the stress is high from too much sensations and too much people, I read. Going into the world of words is freeing and peaceful. There is no judgement there as you absorb the letters. There is always something fun to read about. Your imagination soars as you capture the story, emotions and thought put into the writing.

Also for business and formal writing. The market of the world is made known to you by your constant reading. The business world changes day by day with no warning- except for those who read. To grow in this information flowing world of today, reading is compulsory. If you cant readyou surely do not have what it takes to be successful in business.

A lot of ignorance is removed by reading. For people who refuse to read, the truth remains hidden from them. Life opportunities would pass them by because they do not know vital things that would bring them success. The world today as so many possibilities, just as it has so many distractions. This is why there would always be the 80/20 principles.

There are the 20% who would remain rich off their intellect, planning and knowing how to get what they want- via reading; and there would be those 80% whose physical strength, stress and sweat earns them their peanuts. The members of the 1% would remain in their position because of the information they choose to digest. Now don’t tell me that these people are just lucky to be born into good families, because self made millionaires of this century belong in the 1%. This people just choose to do all the useful things, one vital of it being reading.

And remember there are several types of “reading”. Reading articles on the Internet is also reading. So remember as long as you get valuable information or imaginative creativity, you’re good. Don’t fret, take baby steps and forge your path.

Read when you are bored- switch off that television.

Read when you are happy.

Read when you are sad.

Read when you are mad.

Read when things go bad.



2 thoughts on “ Read, read, read – Advice from this introvert

  1. charandtheweb says:

    Very interesting read. I love reading, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. It has the same effect on me as watching a good movie. I disappear into a different world. Interesting blog too by the way.

    Would you be interested in writing/sharing a couple of articles regarding issues such as life, identity and self-awareness on I’d love to see more if this kind of content on the platform as we continue to branch out. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more information. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you.


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