Do this analysis on yourself-SWOT


Strength has a lot to do with your natural abilities, talents, things you can do passionately even without being paid. Eg singing, reading, dancing, risk taking, motivational speeches etc.

Weakness has to do with the natural impediments inherent in you, they obstruct your ability to carryout your strengths. Eg oversleeping, procrastination, talking too much, greed, convertousness etc.

Opportunity refers the certain situations that appear before us by nature, providence etc.

They could be good health, being educated, being alive, peace, having access to getting support etc

Threats, these are the impediments or challenges made available by the environmental factors, these factors are external and quite beyond our control. Eg epidemics, sicknesses, insecurity, social vices etc.

Generally, these factors could be managed.

Do a *SWOT* analysis on yourself today and confront that impending project.
Written by Bayo Manuals-Adapted by theyenzyradicals


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