Take a risk

*It is very risky to take a risk,* in fact *the riskiest thing to do is never to take a risk.*
Risk is a part of our daily living, yet some people rather die than take a risk. The consciousness of it alone kills them five times before their time.
If you slept last night, then you have taken one of the gravest risks ever, *what if you never woke up? what if you got assassinated defenselessly in your sleep?*.
If you board a flight, a voyage, a car or any other form of automobile, then you have taken a very dangerous risk.
Even when an automobile accident occurs, and there’s a need to visit the hospital, you still employ the services of an automobile.
I can go on & on in highlighting several unavoidable risks that we consciously or unconsciously undertake in cause of our daily living.
God himself took a risk at the creation of mankind and giving them dominion over all other creations.

It took your biological mother a grave risk of the conception and delivery of you.
A man that avoids risk taking is naive of the realities of life. *No truly great man that doesn’t take risks.*
Know that you may never advance or progress in life without taking a risk.
Whenever you consider taking a risk, ask to know the worst possible damage or loss that may occur if it doesn’t pull through, if the situation is bearable, then *make no delays, strategize and strike!*.
Some people will never be rich because they’ll never take a risk, some will never win because they’ll never risk to fight.

*If you don’t take a necessary risk, you’ll rot in avoidable stagnancy*
Never take a risk on your life if it is not a well orchestrated positive risk. For what good will a risk that will take your life be to you?
*Risk takers are pace setters.*
Do not just take a risk, take a conscious, positive and well orchestrated risk today and become a pace setter.

Have a great week.

By -*Bayo_Manuels*
*Everything is Possible!!!*


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