Faith and courage

To have the manifestations of faith,one must be courageous.The mentality of courage must be involved to be able to do such a seeming unrealistic thing like having faith.On the physical plane and to the lack luster mindest,”faith” is equal to “fate”.This makes people succumb to the physical deception of lack of abundance.This is what faith reveals-constant abundance.Faith tells you that it is not your destiny to have a bad “fate”.Theres more to life than accepting life‘s control of you and your fate/destiny.

       You will have to be brave enough to see multiple ways the multiple perspectives to situations.In stale,cold,white flour ,you have to see a fresh,warm,brown bread.Open your mind to the possibility of impossibilities.Once you open that door,it all becomes easier and naturally done.You get used to that brand of optimism like a second skin.

Lack of courage leads to faith that cannot be realized.It would not be able to last without a trillion doubts killing it off.Doubts that crop up in the mind during “had i know” moments are due to no courage.If there was,there would be no need to fret/panic/regret,because faith and courage would show you the way.A door with many options.

Faith without works is dead

James 2:17


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