Stop being lazy

Laziness ruins personal evolution.Laziness is not only a state of mind,it is also an act of doing.It is an action of not performing necessary actions.The key to stop laziness is to break the pattern of lazy habits.You have to push yourself in ways which you’ve ignored before to achieve your goals.Remember the sense of achievement you get towards completed tasks is vital for motivation.To become a better version of yourself,take note that there are others who are trying to become better everyday.Why don’t you make a choice to be better?

      Know that you are on your own in life.Meaning that you can’t blame your success or failure on anyone else.You are your master and acting like you are the coordinator of your life will stop laziness.Thinking like this would make discipline of yourself easier.Avoid procrastination at all cost,because one minute of it,leads to hours and hours of negligence.

  The fear of failure dominates laziness and procrastination.For creative ideas,many are afraid to come up with things because of fear.They are afraid of being judged by people.Some think:what if?What if people don’t like my idea?What if i fail?What if this is not good enough?This fear hinders people and cause laziness.This is also called learned helplessness.

  At the end of  the day this does nothing but continue the vicious cycle.Do not sleep all day and expect a miracle to give you success and prosperity.Time is valuable and this should be understood clearly in order to achieve any goal.Accept control over your life.The value of yourself lies in you.You are the only one that has your best interest at heart (or should have),everyone is busy thinking for themselves.So why shouldn’t you?


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