When everything seems to go wrong :keeping calm 2

 There are those days when life gives a full dose of unpleasantness.Those are the hard times that we must all go through.Painful as those moments may be,we should not let go of our reasoning.Remembering that nothing lasts forever (Yes,not even though times).There is always a way for us to survive.

  It feels suffocating during times like these.As nothing seems to go fine,one might feel as if cursed.Getting angry at oneself and others is what emotions do cause in such instances.Unpleasant situations bring out our worse emotions(Unless we have learnt how to curb them)However,a wise person would know to keep calm.Keeping calm is very vital.It is in fact a valuable asset in trying times.When you find it hard to breathe,remember you have a constant supply of oxygen and lungs that automatically do the job.Remember to BREATHE.Always keep calm.

    Keeping calm when you can do nothing about a situation is the way to go for better outcomes.Don’t make rash decisions,for you will regret them later on.Take your time to think while you remain calm.Answers will surely come even during situation that seem impossible to maneuver.If one lets the unpleasant emotions take over,it will make matters even worse than it is.Imagine a man with anger problems,finding out that his computers were stolen from his office.He might smash his tv and all his home decor in anger,ruining them.What good as this done him?Nothing,he has only made his life more difficult because he has added extra problems to his problem.This is what succumbing to negative emotions can cause.

    It is wise to keep calm,even in a disaster.This would give you a clear mind on wear to run.Keeping calm does not mean to act now nonchalant about the problem(That would be unseriousness).Concern should be shown in  a more mature state of mind,devoid of negative energy and emotions.So,when everything seems to go wrong,keep calm.


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