Fear is a grand illusion

Everyone has felt it.That sinking feeling deep in the heart and stomach.The voices in one’s head saying that one’s hopes and dreams are impossible.Or the feeling that danger was sure to occur.It feels so real,so factual,so threatening at the moment that everything else seems to be unfavourable.The mind mannages to blot everything possible out.

I am here to set the facts right now, that all forms of fears are nothing but illusion.Most times what you fear does not occur.And if it does occur,the gravity of the impact was not as severe as you imagined it to be.Fear just has to do with imagination, most times of failure,lack of protection,loss and inability to control the future and certain events.Fear is intensified to become the monster that it is in some people,when they give power to fear by over thinking and dwelling on it.The more one believes his or her fears and dwells on it,the more the illusion grows.It grows as it is fed.

Another important thing to mention is what fear makes us feel lack.When we allow the illusion of fear in,it takes over our mental reasoning and holds the wheel of direction in our lives.We feel we lack strength,ability and courage when we are afraid.More importantly,we feel we lack choice.choice is very important.We forget that we have a say to what we want to receive from life.We ignorantly refuse to look to the bright side for the way out.We choose to succumb a grand illusion.We feel trapped in a psychological cage of our own making.

Scientists and researchers of human experience will say that fear is natural,a natural psychological reaction to danger,E.g:like when standing on a cliff,or being robbed,or when you are told you have cancer.They say that fear is to protect humans from harm’s way.I will disagree on the purpose of fear in situations that do not involve physical danger.Fear is even an illusion in these situations because in cases of physical danger,your fear cannot save you.Rather your state of  clear thinking does.Your fear cannot remove you from a cliff,or stop you from being shot,or save you from cancer.So why bother with fear.It has nothing positive to offer but a hallucinatory expansion of problems.

The bible also says that “God has not given us the spirit of fear but that of power, of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).So with that,why still fear?Instead of causing extreme problems with fear,isn’t it better to feel love,power and a sound mind backing you up?It is impossible to have a sound mind when one plays into the fear illusion.The person will be disturbed and uncomfortable,having no space for trust,love,peace,power,etc.

When the illusion of fears is ripped off from one’s life,the person becomes more productive and successful.You cannot embark on a new mission with fear trailing you.You must let the fears go to do something new and succeed.To live a life of quality, one must be fearless,no matter what is being faced.


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