The law of attraction

The law of attraction is a movement that believes you channel your results from the universe through your energy and believes,whether negative or positive. The law states that when you say or believe negative things about yourself,you attract negative energy to yourself,thereby getting negative things happening to you;and vice versal happens when you have positive energy.It is the philosophy of “like attracts like”.Just like a magnet,the universe reflects to you what your energy is pulling from it.Whatever you believe on the inside manifests on the outside.

Law of attraction states that whatever happens during your day,good or bad,is what you have attracted for yourself,to yourself.The emotions you feel encourages things to happen to you.If you feel happy and blessed with life on the inside,it will manifest.If you are always sad and grumbling,it will manifest.
Now,the law of attraction focuses on the positive and a way to improve our lives via the power of manifestation. The law of attraction is now studied and used as a tool to create an abundance of success,wellbeing,peace of mind,financial freedom and fruitful interpersonal relations.

Students of the law of attraction have various miracle stories to tell, ranging from everyday life situations to huge,life changing events.The book “The secret” teaches the law of attraction exclusively as what can be practiced and learned.

Changing the mind frame on how it responds to life is the first step.Instead of saying “I am a failing” “I can’t do it” “life is hard” “Money is hard to come by” “I am sick and tired”,attracting negative energy to oneself, the law of attraction teaches positivity and the results therefore  by saying,”I am a success!” “I can do anything!” “Life is love!” “Money is abundant””I am hale and hearty!”.When one says these positive words,life is reflected in an abundant way back to the person.Such words shape the person’s day down to the people he/she would interact with.

Many people struggle and fail,Work hard and yet remain poor because they fail to use the law of attraction in their lives.They hold on to wrong and negative believes and the universe gives them the results of this mindset.They find out that no matter how much they work,they remain the same.That is why you see that the most physically hardworking people are poor most times.They work like elephants and eat like ants.This is so because of their believes and negative energy.They believe deep down that they don’t deserve comfort or wealth and they act on it with their thoughts.The universe being benevolently neutral gives them what they want.Many of this kind of people actually despise wealth and wealthy people.They believe that money should be struggled for,and that all rich people are evil crooks.Many hope for a form of power to blame,most times the government they wish to save them.Their ” que sera sera”(what will be will be) mentality is the root of their negative energy.Not striving to improve yourself is acting on negative energy.

Now you may ask

  • How can I tap into the Law of attraction?
  • How valid is this ?
  • I am so programmed to be negative,can it work for me?
  • How do I start?

The answer to all these is changing your belief system and to follow the above.And like all things this process has steps.This are the first steps.


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