My form of hakuna matata,and why you should find yours too-My trademark logo as a meaning for hope in life.

This is my trademark logo as you can see,but the meaning which it now holds was not the original intent.That is the way life works,we cannot always determine our original intent.The image above was sketched by me.What do you feel it represents?You may have many opinions of it ranging from butterfly,moth man or bird entity.People have different perspectives for a singular thing.The original perspective belongs to the owner of what is being perceived;which can be me or you,depending on context.

This image to me represents inspiration and unexpected hope.When hope is said to be unexpected,you can imagine how dire the situation must be.This was drawn on a whim in a cafeteria by a forlorn me.The image was pointless then,just an abstract sketch from an abstract person.Life could not get any gloomer,I thought.You see,I had a gothic rhetoric in my head.Battling with several things in life at oncr can do that to you.The funny thing is in the value of the picture.Someone once though by error that the picture was drawn by a professional and was worth millions and praised the “brilliance” of the picture .I,knowing that it was I who sketched it was doubtful of anything brilliant about it.This picture if taken as a person,going by that incident,is worth a lot and seen as very valuable,indispensable,important,probably a celeb among his/her social group who people would stop to listen to.The same person saw another sketch with me and inquired on the artist behind that,I said it was me.The evaluation that was given on that picture was quizzical.There were so many questions asked:What does it mean?How can you say that the art has no meaning?What does abstract mean?The sketch was different from this bird-butterfly image, not only in style and appearance but also in perceived quality because it was said to be my personal work.But both had quality that was judged differently.

What can be taken from the short story of the sketches as I would like to call it?Well,some people may take nothing but others would learn a thing or two.Life works from perceived perspectives and perceived qualities.Both images had a sense of intrigue to them but the sketch “from” me was perceived as lesser.Same goes for so many people whose sketches are seen as of lesser quality or questionable because it is coming from them.To make it worse is if such people rely on validation from other people as a guideline for their own life path.

Why did I call the image my form of hakuna matata? It is because it morphed from an abstract object to a concrete idea in my mind.It represents the me which is undervalued that finally broke free to spread my wings.It can represent you too.But you must have your own form of self realization to break free.To break free seeing your potentials as banal and having to succumb to downplaying yourself in order not to defend aspirations!Many people do this and I did too.Until the realization of this image.Well not only it,the realization of so many other things came before it.But I can call it the positive straw that broke the stubborn camels back.

It is a leap of faith and significies self confidence in the inner star that silently shouts to be heard one day.It is  a “don’t worry” sign given as you climb the mountainous terrain of life.It is my signal of embracing my difference with euphoria.It reminds me that my path is not the same as everybody else’,but that it will be the best path for me!It is the optimistic cheer as you are in the skies after spreading your broad wings to fly!

What is your hakuna matata sign?And why should you remember its significance?That is for you to find out by yourself.


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