Why you should allow discomfort for achievement of strength- deflect life lemons with mindfulness

Ever felt like giving up?Running away,from an abyss of pain?Or choosing to fight resiliantly when you feel nothing is working and your strength is wasting.Well I want you to know today,that it’s not just you who feels such.Life can throw a lot of lemons sometimes,in overwhelming quantities.These periods of excess lemons can make you feel wobbly and listless.I’ve felt  it too,you’ve felt it too and many feel it too.Even at times,life decides to throw garbage at you coupled with the lemons.Those feelings are not new or specific to anyone.The question now is the struggle resulting from the “lemons” been thrown.Many times we try to fight it,we do our very best to grab the bull by the horn and tackle the problems.The thing we don’t remember often is that we cannot control everything,most especially when life gives the sandwich combination of lemons and garbage,for no apparent reason.What then happens if you cannot make lemonade out of lemons via your forcing,proding and fussing?What then be done when you fell the irritating discomfort of lemon juice sloshing down your back like a torrent of rain fall.What can you do when everything and everyone seems oblivious to your inner turmoil,except you?

         What can be done during all these brutal,awful and lemony moments is simple.What I took from an article about pain in meditation called why pain can be a good thing during meditation is that Discomfort is unavoidable,Suffering is optional.That should be a mantra for the tough times.It is also applicable to life in general.The source of discomfort is only sensations,feelings and circumstances but your emotional and mental reaction to those sensations are what either causes you pain or peaceful mindfulness.I have noticed that two people can go through the same unpleasant situation in life and one might come out better than the other.This is because that one gave less power to the discomfort than the other.That is why one should practice mindfulness.Mindfulness puts You in a state lf realization,both of self,surroundings and outermost sensations.It allows You to recorgnise and accept.This gives you control of your reaction to any kind of discomfort and you begin to learn not react on impulse and in martyrly.During mindfulness these would take place:

  • You acknowledge what is going on.
  • You accept it as what it is.
  • You get comfortable with the discomfort.
  • You let the discomfort naturally become numb,(thereby it does not affect you)by not giving power to it-by  not overthinking, by not dwelling on what you cannot change,by not choosing  to suffer because of it.



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