The usefulness of the sun,moon and rising signs in zodiac 

When i began to get deeper into astrology,I realized that the zodiac sign of a person only makes perfect sense when the whole planetary chart is known.The three main “person” builders in the zodiac are: The sun sign,The moon sign and the rising sign (or ascendant sign).These three are important in telling a person’s characteristic and character.There are others of importance as well like the mars sign,venus sign,etc;but the big three as I will like to call them must be explored first to figure out the rest.

The sun sign (which is the sign determined by month of birth and date-your dominant sign)represents you,your soul and what it aspires to become.The moon sign(it is the sign that moon was at,at your time of birth)this controls your feelings,emotions,desires,and things you can’t control about your emotional self;it can also represent the mask you wear/show to the world.The rising sign/ascendant sign(determined by the time of your birth and changes as fast as every sux minutes)is the you that the world sees,it can also be a person first impression of you would be before knowing you well,it also controls your physical apperance /features.

This will bring the question of the importance of the sun sign to mind.The sun sign when put in combination wuth the other signs now seems vague.It is like when I was new to the zodiac,i found my characteristics not matching Capricorn (my sun sign is Capricorn) because the sign was described as hardworking,patient,dedicated,stoic,etc.I did not feel like any of these so I denonced the horoscope as gibberish.But the learning of my full chart and the impact and significance of all the planets and the corresponding signs shed light on my personality.I could now see that my sun sign exhibited other traits know for the sign (capricion)as ambitious,stubborn,shy(non-talkative),deep thinking and a dark aura(mostly).

In conclusion,the combination of your signs is what makes your zodiac sign.You have to analyse the big three of your zodiac chart first to begin understanding the zodiac and the impact it has on your person.From then you can move on to the rest of the chart which will give you more insight on how the various planets influence on your personality.


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