What’s greater than a soul mate?The twin flame.

The twin flame relationship

Everyone has heard of soulmates. The destined one for you. The one who will love you unconditionally, passionately, intensly. But many have no idea of the existence of the twin flame, an even greater force than the soul mate. This is not saying that one is better than the other, but the twin flame wins in intensity of relationship.

what is the twin flame relationship?

It is believed that the soul is made up of both feminine and masculine energy and when it comes to earth, splits into two, each energy divided as well. Both split souls are full and individual. They are complete and whole, but are to be complemented by their other literal half. Twin flames are cut from the same fabric of soul material. There comes a time (in whatever life time) where it is the wish of the universe to bring back both souls together, for a divine purpose of pure love which also spreads to whoever sees them together. They both have positive individual and joined goals of love and goodness to the world.

The dawning of the  relationship begins with a dark night of the soul which occurs either before both twins meet or just after. The meeting is precided by synchronities and the seeing of double numbers (also called master numbers) like glancing at the clock and spotting 11:11, many times repeatedly, it tells that the meeting is close at hand. Also other numbers like 22:22,7:7,1:1, etc; can be seen at various places. They may also both see the ying and yang sign. Some twin flames have visions of their other half before meeting in their dreams. Their connection is so deep it can be felt at a distance. 

The twins are usually opposite in culture, race, language, country, etc that such pairings look surprising. They are mostly separated by distance but even with this there are synchronities in their lives and important events occur in both’s life in parrallel. Twins can also be oddly similar. One of the twin flames usually learns the others language at an early age coincidentally taking up an interest in it (workings of the universe), if they are from different cultures. So there is usually a way for them to communicate and interact.

When the twins meet there is instant attraction and fascination and they recorgnise each other consciously or subconsciously. They feel close as if they have been friends for years and the intensity shocks both them and other people. They know crutial unconsciously deep things about their twin because their twin is their mirror soul; an image of themselves; their strengths, weakness, flaws etc. The experience is overwhelming because of this. It is very humbling like the baring of their soul in the mirror. They my even feel they are unworthy of their twin and his/her presence. 

The relationship is so intense that they want to escape from it, yet deeply enjoy it. They have a strong need to bond with each other (sex) as they are very attracted to each other and because sex is more than physical for them but spiritual and more. They reach ultimate spiritual bliss when they are joined via body and spirit. They might have had a perfect life and in ongoing durable relationships before meeting their twin. One is usually a runner and the other a chaser. 

The twins usually cannot go back to normal relationships after the experience as it would seem lacking and mundane compared to the twin flame connection. It is most likely the female who chases because she is more emotionally awakened while the male is usually skeptical and avoidant of facing the emotions. It can also be the other way round. There is a separation as both twins need to work out their karmic guilt and frustration. This is very difficult as it involves digging up through your inner self and facing your demons. Just as the universe arranged the first meeting it arranges the second meeting; they can only meet after all ego and karmic frustration is let go of, transforming them into beings of unconditional love.

The twins are sometimes alike in apperance that it is stricking, even when of different races (on occasions even to birth marks) or they look like polar opposite of each other that it also stuns people at their match. They have some collective shared goals desires and plans to the world; like a mirror. They also have similar interest and hobbies that is unique to them both. Though similar in general personality they have polar opposite traits to each other, acting as a perfect parrallel. A twin can be over confident, the other timid; one a great dancer , the other unable to break a move ; one passive, the other hyper aware; one thoughtful, the other impulsive.

The twin flames serve for as a higher purpose, to heal the world and spread light. After personal self exploration, reflexion and growth of each flame, they are ready to come together to fulfil their personal and individual goals.The twin flames would attain an unencompassing love when they finally reunite, after getting rid of karmic garbage. Their love would stand as a beacon of hope and there is nothing they can’t achieve together, if they have children, their children would be special!

Now do you want all these? This complex, emotionally taxing but wonderfully loving journey? or do you want the good old fashioned soul mate that would not put you through this whirlwind experience but just love you unconditionally still? It is not your choice anyways,the universe does what it wants, when it wants.


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